About us

Jit Italia srl is an innovative and lean company, with a positive and close-knit team,

whose philosophy is based on the win-win concept.

Every relationship is like 

a partnership created for mutual benefit. When you start any relationship.

Think about how you can invest in the other person so that it becomes a win-win situation.

Here's how relationships work out most of the time:

I win, you lose - I only win once

You Win, I Lose - You only win once

We both win - We win many times

We both lose - Goodbye partnership!

The best relationships are win-win ones. Why don't more people start relationships with this attitude? I'll tell you why:

Most people want to make sure they win first. Instead, altruistic thinkers start a relationship and make sure that the other person wins in the first place. This makes all the difference!

Our team

Debora Tarzia

Chief Marketing Officer

Bruno Greco


Dijana Manteva

project manager

Vincenzo Greco

practitioner technician

Davide Greco

practitioner technician

Donatella Tarzia


Dario Brunello

Chief Operating Officer

Francesco Vescio

Chief Information Officer

Dr. Antonio Sacco

Project Manager

Alessio Galante

Chief Technical Officer

Raffaello Bressi


Marco Saletti

Chief Technical Officer

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