Digital diagnostic measurements

Clinical preventive-predictive-personalized medicine check-ups through non-invasive instrumental and laboratory examinations, providing advance knowledge of the Patient's health status

Immediate storage and availability of patient records

Digital archiving of X-ray reports and examinations that ensures their immediate availability and substitute archiving Legal

Clinical suggestions based on artificial intelligence

Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Suggests helps Physician in diagnostic process 

Our services

Medical Practice

Save time and space! Use a modular diagnostic system with additional medical applications on a certified medical tablet.

Clinics and Hospitals

Monitor your patients with a wide range of specialized diagnostic tools and create protocols for examinations in one place.

RSA and Home Care

Simplified nursing home care and ADI interventions. Multiple diagnostic measures and immediate sharing of results for rapid diagnosis.


Home System

Personal App

Health is a simple and easy-to-use app that allows users to easily monitor and record their physiological information.

ECG sensor

The ECG sensor is a lightweight, noninvasive wearable technology that monitors heart conditions.Using dedicated apps and a cloud platform, it provides instant alerts when unusual behavior is detected.